What I Have Been Doing

Ever since school has ended I have been doing some math and English from those books you could find in the store. I have also been practicing my jiu jitsu and taekwon-do. I do some exercises on a machine called the total gym. My dad also prints some math papers. What I am doing on the math papers is multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. I do verbs and pronouns. On the total gym machine I do different exercises that include my arms or my legs. When I do jiu jitsu I practice some drills like arm bars,triangles,chokes,some passes, and some other submissions. And when I practise taekwon-do I practice kicks patterns, and steps.

Wild Cats

Wild cats aren’t like regular house cats. Scientists have counted 35 species of wild cats. Some wild cats are called big cats.¬† Some big cats are lions, tigers, leopards, and jaguars. Some of the wild cats live in open grasslands. Cheetahs are fast and powerful. Cheetahs have to be quick to capture animals in the grass. Some other wild cats live in jungles. Some other wild cats are good at climbing trees. Lots of wild cats that live in a jungle enjoy swimming and sometimes even catch a fish. There are also other wild cats that you can find in the cold and in snowy mountains. These wild cats have thick fur to keep themselves nice and warm. Wild cats have long whiskers to help them find there way through the dark. One type of wild cat lives in the desert which is the sand cat. The sand cat eats bugs, birds, and even snakes.